Bespoke Simulators

Classic Race Simulators use experienced craftsmen to build beautiful classic race cars to our client specifications.

From a simple monocoque to a full-size car with motion base each bespoke build is designed to meet your objectives:

  • Practice and setup for historic racing
  • Fun with friends
  • Owning piece of automotive art.
  • Stock a race centre

Full size Car Simulators

  The shells are manufactured locally and adapted to your requirements.

Our fabricator has many years of experience building the real things and now the shells for us. All our bodies are hand made in the UK.

Simulator Equipment

We will mount and test the simulator controls selected. Classic steering wheels have “quick release” so you can switch from your classic to a modern F1 car if required.

Pedal plate electrically controlled by dashboard switch to adjust for height.


We can advise you on the accessories to create the optimal experience.

Computer, screen setup, Virtual Reality and software can be provided.


We will set up the simulator at your location and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

 * Project Management                                                             * Delivery & Installation                                                           * Support                                                                                             * Logos and copy the same

  Accessories, Paint and Stickers

Our professional craftsmen will add items such as mirrors, gearbox, screen dashboard and control mount. Our painter will apply colours and decals to the required specification.


For the ultimate experience add one of our motion bases.

We have 2 types available:

A full-motion 6DOF base

Classic Motion Base.

Our in-house designed and built base that fits discreetly under our classic bodies


We can pack and ship the simulator to your door, anywhere in the world

We have some simulator bodies in stock that can be completed within 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Bespoke builds will take longer and will have agreed project plans.


Our prices range from £16,500 excluding applicable taxes.                                                            Excluding:                                                                          *Motion base,                                                          *Accessories,                                                                    *Delivery and Setup.

See Case Studies for more information

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