The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 9


On Monday, this week we started by having two new clients come in a try our new Zenith rigs for the whole of the morning, whilst they were here Josh, Shaun and Trevor were making sure the simulators were working and making sure the clients had the best experience they could have on our sims. Once they had left around midday, we then moved onto starting to complete the whiteboards that Steve had left for us last Friday. This consisted of me and Nik organizing order for what we record first and getting Shaun and Josh to help record it so Nik can edit it ready for upload as soon as possible.

On Tuesday we started to complete content ready for the Monaco GP that was on this weekend, this consisted of us recording gameplay of the Monaco track through OBS (Open Broadcaster software) as well as using the camera to off the rigs. Once the content had been recorded, me and Nik got ahead with editing the content which was being recorded ready for this weekend to make sure we can get the best possible videos and edited pictures. Once this was done, I then planned what days each piece of content will go out as well as the wording that should be used for each piece of content.

Then it was Wednesday, we started by moving onto new content from the whiteboard which was recording and getting ready for Silverstone on the weekend. To complete this task, me and Nik tackled this event in the same style we did yesterday for Monaco by having Josh and Shaun researching to get the correct track and cars for the race and then recording content that me and Nik want for the posts so that Nik can edit them ready for the weekend once again. During this day we had our weekly meeting with Sally and DWP as normal between 11:00am and 11:45am, this talk was talking about how to be professional when working at work and making sure to be efficient with team tasks.

On Thursday we proceeded onto recording some new content now that we had Monaco and Silverstone planned in terms of camera shots and gameplay. This meant we recorded content of just around the showroom such as recording the Lotus and Zenith rigs in a more cinematic style to show of our simulators in the best style possible to keep our content the best we can. Once the content was recorded, I scheduled the posts for Monaco and Silverstone from today through to Monday next week

On the final day of the week, Mike came in to help with recording content as well as having a small meeting with us about other ways to record content going forward. This took up one to two hours in the morning. Once this had been done, by me and Nik continued to record new content in a new style that Mike taught us as Nikki updated Jim with how the website is coming along and Jim helped tell her more things he would like to be added to the website.