Zenith Race Rig

The Zenith project was conceived to build a race simulator rig using our own high-quality components to deliver the ultimate performance and experience.

With our emphasis on historic racing we have developed components that replicate the look and feel of equipment from that era although the technology used is suitable for any sim racing enthusiast.

We challenged 4 small Design and Engineering companies to look at the best components on the market and create a new “Zenith” range of simulator equipment for our clients.

Zenith Range Components


 In order to derive the best feeling from your peripherals the frame has to be as stiff as possible and it needs to be adjustable for others to use.

We chose a simple design made with quality German aluminium sections.

The frame is fully adjustable to suit your favoured driving position and accommodate drivers of varied stature.

Gear Shift

Most gear shifts on the market are much larger and heavier than in original race cars. We have spent over 2 years developing our gear shifter to be light, small and capable of adjustment from a “tight” modern box to the “long throw” examples from the 1950’s.

Shaker System:

Zenith rigs come complete with a stereo bass shaker system that delivers the feel of every gear change, rumble strip and clash with competitors on the track.

Steering Wheel:

You can fit a steering wheel of your choice which comes fitted with a quality “quick release” system so you can switch from classic to modern in seconds.

Screen/ Visualisation Options.

The rig can be equipped with various visualisation options:

  • Triple curved monitors
  • Single screen with VR headset
  • Triple large monitors


Most sim racers agree that the biggest performance improvement is derived from the pedals. Hydraulic brake pedals with pressure sensor will enable you to threshold and trail brake with a feel of a true race car system. The Zenith pedals are each produced from 2 aircraft grade aluminium billets with Willwood cylinders and other quality components.

Wind Simulator:

We have developed and built our own system with dual outputs to create the true feeling of speed (and keep you cool).


Steering Motor:

Direct drive motors give the best fidelity and quality feedback helping deliver consistent lap times. The Zenith rig is fitted with a 25Nm direct drive motor with a range of pre-programmed settings for the type of race car you are driving.


You can choose a seat that emulates your driving position and gives you the comfort required for extended race sessions.


Zenith rigs come with our dashboard with appropriate switches and buttons for your requirements.


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