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Classic Race Simulators are committed to helping young people who are at risk of long-term unemployment. We have enrolled onto the Government’s Kickstart scheme to give work experience to 4 local youngsters. By the end of the placements they will have 6 months of experience in a real work environment and developed the skills necessary to secure long term employment.

We are supported by ETACS The DWP and Rushmoor Borough Council to deliver this important initiative.

We will keep you up-to-date with their progress in the weekly blog written by the participants.


The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 1

Hello, I’m Louis and I have recently joined Classic Race Simulators as part of the Kick-Start Scheme as a Social Media Executive. I will be writing blogs just like this to give updates on how we are progressing as a company as well as updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Week  2

On Monday we helped finish the simulator due to be delivered to Scotland as well as helping out with a little office maintenance. This involved meeting Trevor who was a massive help in making sure the simulator was up to the standard we expect here at Classic Race Simulators. 

Week 3

Hello and welcome back to the 3rd week of the blog. Being Easter weekend, we also got Monday off due to it being a bank holiday, hope you all had a good Easter!                                         Starting this week on Tuesday, we started by finishing the set up for the green car we were creating last week

Week 5

We are already on week 5, welcome back and this week ‘The Kick’! This week was heavily to do with building up the rigs which came in last Friday!


Week 6

Hello and welcome back to week 6 of out weekly blog ‘The Kick!’ As usual today I will be taking your through what we have done here at Classic Race Simulators this week!

Week 7

Moving into our 7th blog here at Classic Race Simulators we started the week by doing a lot of organising and tidying around the workplace as it has gotten very messy due to building the 3 rigs the past few days.

Week 8

Going into our 8th week here at Classic Race Simulators Josh and Nik worked on our new Lotus 18 simulator. This involved fitting the simulator on top of the base shaker

Week 9

On Monday, this week we started by having two new clients come in a try our new Zenith rigs for the whole of the morning,

Week 10

We are already 10 weeks in here at Classic Race Simulators and this was our first week without Jim as he was away, 

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