My 1960’s F1 inspiration

Jan 1, 2021

As a young boy in the 1960s, I was mesmerised by the speed, danger, glamour, engineering, and personalities of the “Golden Era” for Formula One. I dreamed of owning and driving one of these iconic race cars.

It was a dream that was unlikely to be realised. But…at the end of this wretched pandemic, I will be as close to that fantasy as I can be. I wanted to share with fellow  enthusiasts, how my dream will finally become a reality. I hope you enjoy my story…

In 2017 I decided to buy the company and with my Dutch friend, set about improving the simulators using the best technology and components available.


The first models were fibreglass monocoques with simple controls for public use. We added front wheels for realism, but feedback from participants quickly convinced us that the full experience required a proper chassis.



 So…we bought an original 1960s frame and created our own jig. It was now reproducible!



 Suspension parts were difficult to source. Our solution was to find and work with a design and engineering company, which allowed us to create and make all the parts as close to the originals as possible. With the wheels fitted, we had a rolling chassis to fit the modified bodywork, original Hewland gearbox, and exhaust system.


We were making good progress towards fulfilling my dream in terms of the look of the car. Now we needed to upgrade the simulator driving experience and marry this with the feel of driving the original car.


 In the 3 years that had elapsed from starting the project, simulator technology had made significant advances. We wanted to use the best to create our classic race simulator.


  • We incorporated a 20Nm Direct Drive Steering motor, complemented with a bespoke quick release steering wheel

  • New pedals with a hydraulic brake system were created by our design and engineering partners

  • The 3 pedals were mounted on an electrically moveable plate (for adjustment)

  • Our design and engineering team also created a new gearbox (to reflect the look and feel of the original).



 During the current “Lockdown” we are fitting the new pedals and gearbox along with some extras to bring us a stage closer to completion:


  • We’ve purchased a large 3D printer to allow us to create a full-size Ford DFV engine to replace the “Trumpets”

  • Our craftsmen have created a hand-made leather seat cover, working gauges, and a dual output wind simulator (to keep drivers cool whilst racing!)

  • And we’ve added Bass Shakers so drivers can sense every gear change and recreate the feel of going over rumble strips.

  • Our new “wind simulator” creates the feeling of speed and keeps the driver cool.



The final simulator will need to blend the visual elements and “feel” of driving this iconic car. So, we have sourced triple 50-inch screens to create a panorama that envelopes the driver and fills every angle of their vision.


And, to create the true feel of driving this masterpiece, we are adding a completely new motion base platform, designed specifically for classic race cars.


My ultimate objective has been to allow fellow enthusiasts to see, drive and feel this motoring work of art in all its beauty. It will be the end of this part of my story for this particular car.


But the story will not end there.


From a business perspective, I want to take this a stage further. I am now planning to build a Limited Edition run of 10 of these iconic racing recreations.


  • The anticipated build time is 12 weeks per car

  • The package includes a 2 Year warranty and online support

  • Shipping and setup costs will be advised on confirmation of the delivery address


We are offering Build Options that allows each owner to create a bespoke car. These can include:


  • Changes to bodywork

  • Paint colour and decals

  • Type of Leather seat (including colour)

  • Working gauges

  • Motion base platform

  • Higher specification PC / screen options

  • Virtual Reality Headsets (as a standalone or additional option)


Some example colour options are shown below:


 For further information…


If you would like to own one of these iconic recreations please contact me, Jim Hill, at Classic Race Simulators – by email to or call me at our Showroom on 01252 516 693.


We already produce replicas and recreations of other iconic racing car (simulators), from the 1950s through to the current era. If you are interested in a specific model, please contact us to discuss the car concerned and the specification you would like.