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We have a passion for classic racing from the era where drivers had to use 3 pedals and manually change gears. As a young boy I was mesmerised by the beautiful iconic Formula 1 cars driven by my heroes such as Jim Clark, Graham Hill (I named my first son after him), Fangio, John Surtees, Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart.

I would love to own a classic race car, however it has never been something I could afford. In 2015 I was asked to run the business and subsequently bought it in 2017. I love to share my enthusiasm with other like minded people, giving them the opportunity to own a piece of automotive art and experience the thrill of racing from the last century.

Classic Race Simulators use experienced craftsmen to build beautiful classic race cars to our client specifications. From a simple monocoque to a full-size car with motion base each bespoke build is designed to meet your objectives:

* Practice and setup for historic racing

* Fun with friends

* Owning a piece of automotive art

* Stocking a race centre

The shells are manufactured locally and expertly adapted to your requirements. Our fabricator has many years of experience building the real things and now the shells for us. All our bodies are hand made here in the UK.


Our professional craftsmen will add items such as mirrors, gearboxes, screen dashboards and control mounts. Our painter will apply the colours and decals to the required specification so that you too can have your own F1 car!



Over the past 6 years we have tested virtually all of the available simulator equipment and software to create simulators with the real “feel” of cars from time. We have also developed our own products such as the Zenith gearshift, motion bases and pedals where suitable products are not available

We will mount and test the simulator controls selected to make sure that they work. Classic steering wheels have “quick release” so you can switch from your classic to a modern F1 car if required. The pedal plates can be electrically controlled by a dashboard switch to adjust for your height makes it easy and convenient so you never have to leave the action.


We can advise on the best setup for your space/use and you can even try out the most suitable in our new showroom!


We have developed our own motion bases to authentically replicate the physics of classic cars. Bass shaker systems let you feel gear changes, rumble strips and the occasional contact with other competitors.



We exclusively purchase our computers from our neighbours, Untold Gaming who produce “state of the Art” PC’s and are less that 200 yards from our door.

Untold Gaming are specialists at understanding what you need and  custom build and fully test your new Creation, preparing it for your use.




Classic Race Simulators install Rfactor2 for all our clients. This has been our “go to” software for over 7 years.

Rfactor 2 is probably the most realistic game you can get today in terms of physics, and it earns our vote as the best simulation game available. Some of its features like tyre deformation and tyre damage are yet to be beaten by other gaming developers, and the way tyres behave in a racing simulator is a crucial factor in determining how realistic it feels. This is because it allows you to feel grip-loss, and it also lets you know when the car is at its limit when cornering. Rfactor 2 is also fantastic in how it relays force feedback to your steering wheel, giving you the feeling and information needed to get the best lap times.

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The main difference with this game compared to others is mods. Mods make it easy to add tracks and cars, making the game perfect to learn the basics of car reactions. Basically, you can fully customize the game according to your needs; a huge element that real racers should consider. Also, the game features multiple weather conditions and continues to be regularly updated.


We can pack and ship the simulator to your door, anywhere in the world. We have some simulator bodies in stock that can be completed within 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Bespoke builds will take longer and will have agreed project plans so that we can tailor them to your spec and standard.

We will also set up the simulator at a location of your choice and ensure you get the most out of your experience. Our clients enjoy a high level of service and care and we will go out of our way to ensure you are happy with the product and enjoy your driving experience

Why Choose Us

Why a race simulator will improve

your on-track performance.

From Historic Formula Ford Championship Sponsor Jim Hill of

Classic Race Simulators

A race simulator can help you arrive at a circuit with significantly more track time, knowing the base setup and prepared to react to changes in weather and temperature. You will be faster, enjoy your weekends more, reduce your environmental impact and save money.

Race simulation software is available from a number of software development companies.

The tracks are incredibly close to the real thing as they are laser scanned to pick up every camber and bump in the track. The buildings, hoardings and landscapes are identical to help with racing lines.


My 1960’s F1 inspiration

As a young boy in the 1960s, I was mesmerised by the speed, danger, glamour, engineering, and personalities of the “Golden Era” for Formula One. I dreamed of owning and driving one of these iconic race cars.

It was a dream that was unlikely to be realised. But…at the end of this wretched pandemic, I will be as close to that fantasy as I can be. I wanted to share with fellow  enthusiasts, how my dream will finally become a reality. I hope you enjoy my story…

In late 2015, a friend asked me to manage a business called Classic Race Simulators. We were building 1960s classic racing car simulators and taking them to prestigious events, such as the Silverstone Classic, where members of the public could race each other (and enjoy being just like their heroes on the track).



In 2017 I decided to buy the company and with my Dutch friend, set about improving the simulators using the best technology and components available.


The first models were fibreglass monocoques with simple controls for public use. We added front wheels for realism, but feedback from participants quickly convinced us that the full experience required a proper chassis.

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