The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 8

Going into our 8th week here at Classic Race Simulators Josh and Nik worked on our new Lotus 18 simulator. This involved fitting the simulator on top of the base shaker and fitting the side panels onto the simulator and adding the stickers to make it a perfect replica. Whilst Nik and Josh got ahead with doing this Shaun was testing all 3 of our Zenith rigs and tracking down and small errors which occurred during this. Louis then spent the day doing photography of Shaun on the simulators testing and recording gameplay, after that Louis proceeded to then continue photography this time of Nik and Josh adding stickers to the simulator.


The following day Josh and Nik completed adding stickers to the simulators and making sure they were all perfect, while they finished doing this Louis continued to do the photography of Shaun on the simulator and the guys finishing the stickers. When he got enough content of the others working on stickers and simulators Louis got ahead with more photos for future potential posts.



We are now onto our 3rd day of the week and we had our weekly meeting with Judith and Sally. This week Stevie Wren took over the meeting and informed us how we can prevent saving our environment and try stop global warming. Once this meeting was done, we moved onto moving the Lotus 18 simulator downstairs, this was very heavy so took 4 of us to carry it down in two different parts. Once the rig was downstairs and put back together, we then moved the other rigs around to make space and had a whole new layout to all our simulators.




It then was Thursday. Today we all moved onto different tasks, Nik started editing a lot more shorter clips and videos ready for social media posts upcoming, this also involved thinking of creating an outro for these clips as well as making sure each clip is at its best quality. During this Louis was planning posts and content he would be uploading and telling Nik what content he would like to be recorded from gameplay to general videos around the show room. Josh worked with Shaun on adjusting some of the rig’s chairs and wheels to make sure they are in the correct positions on all simulators. After that made sure all the shaker systems were all still working correctly then tidying the wires for the shakers.

The final day this week we did a general clean of the show room such as clearing all tables and hoovering around the showroom and emptying the bins making sure to keep on top of the hygiene. After that Steve came in to have a meeting about what we will be doing for the next week and what content we need to record so we are getting into the best position to open the show room as soon as possible to the public. Once this meeting was done, we then had Steve update our task whiteboards and got taken through everything and what days we should be doing each task leading all the ay up to the following week.