The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 7


Moving into our 7th blog here at Classic Race Simulators we started the week by doing a lot of organising and tidying around the workplace as it has gotten very messy due to building the 3 rigs the past few days. So, on Monday we spent most of the day making sure to get the show room back into its organised way this meant binning any leftover rubbish hovering around the whole show room and moping the floors. We also then moved the rigs around to put them all in the right positions and in groups of different simulators, with having the 1980’s model by itself and then the 3 Zenith rigs together as well as our 3 older simulators together.




The following day Shaun worked with Trevor on the rigs and learning how to finalise the Zenith rigs this consisted of adding the wind systems to the rigs so that they can really show the affect of wind when driving certain cars. After Trevor taught him how to do one of these on a Zenith rig, Shaun tried installing one on another rig by himself, this involved wiring and making sure to install the fans correctly in the correct place on both sides of the rig. Whilst this was going on I was researching into future historic events for future social media posts and YouTube video ideas, Nik also helped me with this research and creating ideas on how to take the YouTube channel forward.

We are now mid-way through the week and today we as usual had our DWP meeting in which this week it consisted of Robert Park taking us through CV’s and how they are important etc. After the call Mike Dewey came in to help us with the recording and creation of our first YouTube video and an introduction video of what we do here at Classic Race Simulators. This video consisted of Nik, Josh, Shaun and I talking about our roles in individuals’ scenes as well as group scenes, we also got a short clip with Jim talking about what he does to keep the company running well.

Now we are on our penultimate day of the week, Thursday me and Nik spent the majority of the day working together getting ahead with all the graphics and planning out future social media posts that we plan to do. Whilst Josh and Shaun got ahead with recording content on the rigs for future content to make sure we have top quality going out each week, this consisted of going on different tracks and using different cars and practising for future events and content for all our different social media platforms.

The final day of the week we tried all three Zenith rigs and set up the R-factor on all of them. This involved linking the steering as well as all three pedals making sure they have the correct input power and make sure the steering is at the correct sensitivity. This took a while but luckily we got Trevor to help us install this into all PCs and pedals so that the rigs were up and ready for being used ready for when we open up.

Thank you for reading and see you again next week!