The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 10


We are already 10 weeks in here at Classic Race Simulators and this was our first week without Jim as he was away, so we had Trevor with us for the entire of this week. The first thing we did was get some content of me, Josh, Shaun and Trevor on all 3 of our Zenith rigs and Lotus rig, this is where we came across a few issues. To overcome this, we took down notes of the issues we were having and tired facing them one by one this consisted of fixing the wind simulators, the wheel force feedback as well as the pedals. Once we fixed these issues with Trevor it was the end of the morning. To start the afternoon Steve came in once again to inform us what we are doing for Tuesday and planned to come back in again on Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday I started the day by getting in contact with Steve through email and phone calls so we could get ahead with planning future social media posts. This consisted of writing up the words we wanted to use for all our posts as well as planning the videos and photos needed for each post, once this was planned, I passed the content needed onto Nik so he could record and edit it. Whilst me and Nik got ahead with this Josh and Shaun continued to work with Trevor on making sure all the rigs are working correctly again.

e are now midway through our 10th week and Steve came in to update all of us on what tasks he expects from us for the upcoming weeks by updating the whiteboards once again. After the whiteboards were updated, Steve moved onto informing us on content ideas for next weekend with Baku starting on the 4th to 6th. On Wednesday we normally have our weekly meeting with Sally and the DWP but this week it was unfortunately cancelled. Whilst we got on with this Trevor continued trying to link all the rigs together ready for when we open so that we can have all simulators racing together. Shaun then continued to test the rigs whilst Trevor tried to link them so Shaun could help Trevor link them whilst playing on the rigs.

It is now the penultimate day of the week and today me and Nik worked together on planning the posts we want to do about Baku to then past over to Shaun and Josh to start recording the needed content. This was a very productive day to get ahead with future content so that we can make sure to get the best content out as possible. Whilst we were doing this Trevor kept trying to set up the showroom and making sure all simulators were connected, this really was not an easy task to do.

On the final day of the week Steve came in once again to brief us with an overview of what he expects on the weekly going forward from all 4 of us kick-starters. Whilst Nik and Shaun got ahead with completing tasks set by Steve such as recording content of gameplay ready for when we start our YouTube very soon. Then me and Nik spent the rest of the day planning different styles we could record videos going forward to make the YouTube channel and all social media platforms have the most original and engaging content.