The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 5


We are already on week 5, welcome back and this week ‘The Kick’! This week was heavily to do with building up the rigs which came in last Friday!

So, with the new rigs being delivered last week we started Monday by unpacking all 25 of the boxes and organizing them all into piles ready to build up all 3 rigs. Whilst I was doing this Josh got ahead with the final sticker which was the Jim Hill sticker for the 1960s car. Nik continued to do video graphics as well as picture editing for the blog.

On Tuesday we started building the rigs that were delivered, this week is heavily to do with building due to the delivery last week. Nik and Josh got on with building the rig frame whilst Trevor and Jim got ahead with building and finalising one of our Zenith rigs. Whilst this is happening, I was getting ahead with the photography and continuing to plan the social media posts going forward and writing the start of the week 5 blog!

Moving onto Wednesday with two of the rigs being complete we moved onto the final rig and replicating the rig we started on Tuesday! We spent the whole day making sure to complete the third rig in the exact same style and quality as the first two that we had built. This involves creating the basic rig and adding the seat rail ready for the seat to be attached as well as adding pedal pads to the rigs. Whilst we got on with building these two brand new simulators Jim and Trevor delivered one of our finalised Zenith rigs! With it being Wednesday we also had our weekly meeting with Sally

and Judith, this week was about teamwork and different roles needed in the workplace to create a team.

On Thursday we moved onto finalising the two rigs by adding a few additional parts to the rigs, this involved adding the keyboard stand. Whilst Nik and Josh got on with adding these features to our Zenith rigs, I got on with continuing the planning for social media posts next week for when I start posting as well as adding to this week’s blog!

Friday being the last day of the week we recorded some more gameplay to be recorded for future YouTube and social media posts. After that Nik got on with editing the graphics and editing the videos and making sure to make them to the highest quality ready for uploading to YouTube. Whilst Nik was editing Josh was planning out other video and gameplay ideas for future social posts, including searching up different racetracks and race cars.