The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 3

Hello and welcome back to the 3rd week of the blog. Being Easter weekend, we also got Monday off due to it being a bank holiday, hope you all had a good Easter!

Starting this week on Tuesday, we started by finishing the set up for the green car we were creating last week by adding the VR to the green car which involved making sure the vision was straight and making sure it all runs smoothly. After that we had to make sure the steering wheel and pedals were at the correct sensitivity and set up correctly so that the steering is straight and that the pedals do.

What they are supposed to do! Tuesday was a BUSY day as we also welcomed a new employee to the business!

Welcoming to Classic Race Simulators this week is… Nikodem Lewandowski! He has recently been employed as the 2nd Sim Racing Executive. He is also employed to help with some of the graphic design and editing for our videos all over our social media!

Also, on Tuesday just before work we completed a COVID-19 test to make sure we are COVID safe in the workplace! Thankfully, we all came back negative!

To finish off on Tuesday, whilst me and Nik started taking photos and videos for our upcoming content Josh got on with learning and completing PAT testing!

Moving onto Wednesday we started in the morning with once again our weekly ETACS meeting with Sally and the team. This week we played a game of answer smash as a bit of fun at the start of the meeting and then moved onto more SMART targets helping us all stay motivated and helping us if we ever get stuck in situations in the workplace.

Once the meeting was over, we then moved onto finishing the recording we started on Tuesday, I then sent over all the videos and pictures over to Nik to start editing the video. Whilst me and Josh continued to plan out other content to record for our social media.

On Thursday we recorded some more gameplay to add to the video that me and Nik were creating for all over our social media. To get the gameplay needed Josh got on with setting the simulators up and downloading OBS to the PC to try and record some of our in-game gameplay. Once we got all the content needed for Nik to edit into the video trailer, I then moved onto planning social media posts for the upcoming weeks!

To finish the day on Thursday I had a zoom meeting with Lin from callmesocial where she walked me through Esemdee as part of my social media training. Hopefully, I will be taking over the social media for Classic Race Simulators very soon!

Finishing our 3rd week, we spent the morning setting up a new skin on an Assetto Corsa with Trevor making sure it’s the correct model for the client we are helping currently. After that was done Josh moved onto transferring the videos over to Nik for the next video ready for editing! Hopefully, this means that very soon there will be even more content posted on our social media! To finish the day Nik got on with editing the graphics for future videos as I got on with planning the final few social media posts for April and Josh got on with testing all the other simulators!

Thank you for reading our 3rd week blog of being at Classic Race Simulators and we will see you next week!