The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 2

Hello, I am Louis and welcome back to Week 2 of The Kick! In this week’s blog I will give another little update on my second week of work at Classic Race Simulators. Also remember to go and check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!



On Monday we helped finish the simulator due to be delivered to Scotland as well as helping out with a little office maintenance. This involved meeting Trevor who was a massive help in making sure the simulator was up to the standard we expect here at Classic Race Simulators.   With his help we made sure the simulator was perfectly made for the client with the exact car he wanted to drive, from the steering to the gear box. It was a very busy and productive day. It was great being Involved in the final day and seeing the process from the creation of a rig to It being supplied to a client, it was very exciting!



The following day on Tuesday we started adding more to our rig from last week by adding the motor as well as making sure the rig for the simulator was created correctly with the needed measurements across it. Doing this turned out to be a bigger problem than first thought. Once we had added the motor to the rig we realized that the stand for it was a little out of shape due to slightly faulty measurements… This meant we had to unbolt the frame and readjust it before making sure the motor was connected correctly! Everything must be checked and then checked again!



Then it was Wednesday. On Wednesday we moved onto a whole new task which was building up the green car. To do this we had to bolt the legs onto the back and front of the car. Once this was completed, we then bolted the back of the car to the front, carefully without trapping the many leads as well as making sure they were zip tied. We then cleaned and added tire shine to the wheels to make sure they looked the best they possibly could – they turned out looking brand new! Once the wheels were cleaned, we moved onto washing and polishing the whole car making sure once again it looked brand new! On Wednesday morning we also had our weekly call with Sally at the ETACS meeting. This week was about ice breakers and making sure you can get past hurdles if ever stuck at the workplace!

The final day was Thursday this week due to the Easter break. So, on our final day of week 2 we connected the green car and set up the VR so it can be used and played with, as well as finishing the blog you are reading right now! To set up the car we connected all the wires from the car into the PC and monitor to test and see if it was working, this was a big job! Once connected we gave it a test and it was working perfectly!




This week has been a very busy week building and helping with the simulators but each week I hope to continue to extend my knowledge on sims as well as extend my knowledge of my role as a whole! After another week of working here at Classic Race Simulators I cannot stress enough what an amazing job it has been and such a great place to be a part of! I really cannot wait to see where the journey takes us, and I’ll make sure to bring YOU every step of the way!