The Kick-Start Scheme in association with Classic Race Simulators

Week 1


Hello, I’m Louis and I have recently joined Classic Race Simulators as part of the Kick-Start Scheme as a Social Media Executive. I will be writing blogs just like this to give updates on how we are progressing as a company as well as updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We want to make sure we provide up to date, high quality content for you, the reader, to enjoy and get a great understanding of what we do here at Classic Race Simulators.

Since joining I have met another Kick-Starter called Josh. We have made the start of a great friendship over the last week and a half and we are both loving our roles. Josh has been employed as a Sim Racing Executive, creating Simulator rigs as well as testing them to ensure the high standard we expect here at Classic Race Simulators.

We started working at Classic Race Simulators on the 18th of March as part of the Kick-Start scheme and we have just completed our first full week of work. It’s been a massive learning curve for us both but very exciting. This is such an enjoyable workplace to be a part of.



When starting on Thursday 18th our first task set for us by Jim Hill, the manager, was to assemble a 3 Monitor stand which will later be used for a simulator with 3 curved screens. This looked like a simple task but believe us, it was not!

After building this we did not know what to expect next, but you will find out later in this post – you’ll be just as surprised as we were!

On Friday we got to meet more of the team, Mike the Photographer, Andrea who helps with Social Media and finally Nikki who has recently been employed to create our website. We then had a meeting with all of us where Jim got his ideas across for how he wants to run the business going forward. After this meeting Mike took us to one side and we planned out a room to decorate so we can start producing the best quality videos.

Coming back to work on Monday we were set more tasks to complete.  First being testing the simulators – loading up all PCs and checking to see they were working well, testing the monitors, wheels and pedals.

Once this was completed, we then moved on to decorating our green room which will later be used for the production of our videos. We used posters to add to the decor as shown below;

We created a green screen, and the whole room was completed on Tuesday!



Wednesday involved tidying up the storage cupboard and clearing out any equipment that was not needed to get everything tidy, this room was a mess! This took the whole day for both of us but look at it now!

On Wednesday we also had a ETACS meeting between 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM with Sally and Judith in which they talked us through what we will be learning over the next 6 months and what they would expect from us. This consists of CV preparation to make sure we create a brilliant well balanced CV, as well as getting us into the mindset of working and pushing to reach our goals in and out the work place.

To complete our first week of work we created our first ever rig for our first simulator.  This took us the whole of Thursday as this was a long process, creating the rig for the simulator which looked a bit like this;

Once this was created we then moved onto fitting the chair onto the rig, this once again took quite a while!


Our first week of work at Classic Race Simulators has been thoroughly enjoyable and we have already learnt so much from setting up a room for production to creating a full rig, bearing in mind we struggled to make a monitor stand less than a week ago! I had never even built a coffee table before… This was only the first week of work but to have completed so much and learn so much along the way is such a big step for us both into the working world. We cant wait to keep learning and progressing in our roles, as well as updating you on our journey over the upcoming 6 months!

Thank you for reading!